Written by Natasha SelfJuly 15, 2016

What to bring? What to wear? What to expect? One of our champion box-office supervisors, Tash, offers her top tips for a tip-top Nomad experience this summer with her list of 5 Nomad Essentials:

1) Snuggle-gear.

The only thing better than being wrapped up in your duvet in bed is being wrapped up in your duvet in other places. Or sleeping bag. Or waterproof onesie. Every year I am beyond impressed by the clear camping-professionals who whip out their warming paraphernalia, from flask to tarpaulin (gosh, that’s a great word to throw about).

Rather travel light? Sun so steamin’ hot there’s no way you’ll feel cold later? …Oops. Well that was an error of judgement. Don’t you worry about it, we have snuggly blankets on hand, big enough to wrap around two of you, available at the merch desk, where our lovely volunteers can be seen rescuing the falsely confident…

audience at coram secret garden screening with nomad cinema

2) A hearty laugh.

Everyone loves that comic cackler in the crowd. And with the giggles echoing round the park, or courtyard or what have you, it is even more contagious. Caution: know your crowd. Heading to Romeo + Juliet? Maybe swap the laughter for a hankie.

nomad audience members in queens park

3) Anorak.

This is Britain after all. Glasto happens here. And unless you fancy the prospect of holding your arm up with an umbrella for the duration of the film and in the process peeing off those behind you (while they’re being peed on), or else scrambling to the box office and beg us for a fashionable bin bag, it helps to be prepared. Forgot your K-Way? Not a problem. On those (rare) rainy evenings, we crank up the festival feel and our valiant volunteers are on hand with emergency ponchos for the optimistically under-prepared. Singin’ in the Rain is a classic for a reason!

4 unspecified-9

4) Fancy dress.

A fail-safe way to make it onto our Instagram feed of glory (your lifelong ambition, no?). We love it when adult dinosaurs rock up to Jurassic Park, wigs and leggings are dusted off for 80s classics, or the fear of day is struck into us by your face paint at Brompton Cemetery screenings. What do you mean that wasn’t face-paint…?!?!

Madame Gautier rice, casserole and stew

5) Dinner?

My advice – don’t bother; you’ll only get Food Envy catching the aromatic wafts and whiffs of sizzling burgers, bubbling stews, mouthwatering grilled cheese and other goodies from our stalls on the night. Swap the weighty picnic hamper for a rumbling belly.