Written by Grace Barber-PlentieSeptember 20, 2016

First and foremost we’re film fans, but we at the Nomad also have our finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion. We’ve shown films filled with stylish characters, from Maggie Cheung’s stunning dresses in In the Mood for Love to the sharp suits in Reservoir Dogs. This summer’s season has been no different – we’ve had a whole range of stylish characters appearing in our films. Here’s just a small selection for Nomad’s Best Dressed for Summer 2016 – with more to come for the Autumn/Winter season!

1. Marilyn Monroe – Some Like It Hot
Royal Academy of the Arts

While our favourite blonde bombshell’s signature dress is actually featured in The Seven Year Itch, we’re huge fans of the ensemble she wears in this film while singing I Wanna be Loved By You. This ‘barely-there’ number is dripping with gemstones and lit in as risqué a style as director Billy Wilder could get away with back in 1959. But what’s most notable about Monroe in this ensemble (and in the film in general) is the way that she completely owns the outfit – every movement and knowing look are perfectly controlled by Monroe, a woman who always owned not just the best outfits but most of all her own sensuality.

2. Mia Wallace – Pulp Fiction
Wembley Park (Olympic Way)

Tarantino is known for his sharply dressed men, from the gang in Reservoir Dogs to Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained, so it’s good to see a woman joining his sartorial club. Uma Thurman‘s Mia is the absolute coolest of the cool, in part due to the simplicity of her outfit – all it takes is one crisp white shirt, a pair of black trousers, and the sleekest black bob ever. All of this, plus a set of timeless dance moves, make Mia one of Tarantino’s – and cinema’s – most iconic pin-ups.

3. The Montague Boys – Romeo + Juliet
Queen’s Park

montagues-randjWho knew Shakespeare could be so stylish? Leonardo DiCaprio’s moody Romeo and his crew sure know how to rock some versatile looks: check out their coordinating Hawaiian shirts. And it’s not just daytime casual that these boys can rock, as Leo pulls off a pretty sharp suit of armour to win the love of Juliet. This is nothing, however, compared to his best friend Mercutio (Harold Perrineau) dressed to a T in drag and a brilliant white afro. Whether they’re skulking about Verona beach or reciting sonnets, Shakespeare’s gents have definitely never been this cool on-screen.

4. The Kid – Purple Rain
Festival Gardens. St Paul’s Cathedral & St Mark’s, Mayfair

prince-purple-rainDearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate Prince’s wardrobe in Purple Rain. While the musical genius may have sadly moved on to that purple place in the sky, his sartorial legend remains as an inspiration to all of us. From the (purple, naturally) trousers and white new romantic shirts to perfectly coiffed hairdo and casual sunglasses, Prince’s outfits in Purple Rain make him one cool Kid.

5. The Driver – Drive
Belgrave Square

driver-driveWhilst not big on words, Drive’s unnamed Driver sure knows how to rock a good jacket. The silky, scorpion-emblazoned bomber has become one of cinema’s most iconic pieces of clothing – perfect for jobs as varied as getaway driving, acting as a stunt double, or merely taking your lady love and her son on romantic drives, to an unforgettable electronic soundtrack. Another key part of this outfit? Replacing most words with a toothpick. Practical AND mysterious.

6. Team Zissou – The Life Aquatic
Hyde Park Lido

Wes Anderson is known to many as one of the most stylish directors going, so it’s no wonder that The Life Aquatic’s Team Zissou, lead by the morose Bill Murray, are perfectly suited and booted. Murray and Co’s signature red beanies and dashing blue suits mean that whatever the job, be it chasing after a jaguar shark or listening to some Brazilian covers of David Bowie tunes, Team Zissou is the crew we all wanna join.

7. Marie Antoinette – Marie Antoinette
National Maritime Museum

6a017c385ddf62970b01a73dc750c3970d‘Let them eat cake!’ may have been the notorious French queen’s catchphrase, but we feel that it should really have been ‘let me buy clothes!’. As demonstrated by Kirsten Dunst in Sofia Coppola’s tongue-in-cheek love letter to the monarch, Marie certainly had a spending problem, but it led her to make some incredible sartorial decisions. Silk gowns in every colour of the (extremely pastel) rainbow? You got ’em. Hair dos reaching for the sky? Naturally. And while it’s hard to choose a standout, Marie’s pastel pink hair, daringly decorated with a flower garland, has definitely inspired a few girls on the summer music festival circuit.

8. Holly Golightly – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Royal Academy of Arts

holly-breakfast-at-tiffanysAudrey Hepburn is a style icon in her own right, but it’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s that her star shines the brightest. From the film’s opening moments in which she stands in front of Tiffany’s decked out in pearls and the chicest black dress, to a more subtle jumper and jeans look that emphasises her unique gamine appeal, Audrey makes absolutely no mistakes in this film when it comes to fashion. Don’t believe us? Check out her unique eye mask, proving that she even looks stylish sleeping.

9. The Goblin King – Labyrinth
Belgrave Square

goblin-king-labyrinthJust like Prince, Bowie may have left us, but his style will never be forgotten. Considering some of the outfits he’s rocked in the past, from his Ziggy Stardust to Thin White Duke phases, it’s hard to say whether his outfit in Labyrinth is tame or wild, though it does take a certain kind of person to brave wearing those leggings… Regardless, The Goblin King’s look perfectly sums up 80s fashion – from that new romantic shirt to the absolutely mesmerising hair, it’s hard to know what the best part of this outfit is. They’re not trends that we’d consider wearing anytime soon ourselves, but to see someone pull them off with such ease as Bowie did is truly awe-inspiring.

10. E.T. – E.T. The Extraterrestrial
Belgrave Square

et-etIt would take a true fashion expert to unpack such a complex and multi-layer look, but what’s sure is that E.T. is a unique style icon. This look (as styled by Drew Barrymore’s Gertie) is one of those delights that comes together by accident, and just WORKS.